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Intermediate Classes

Gymnasts at this level are starting to master the basic skills needed in the sport of gymnastics. More time is spent on conditioning and flexibility preparing the athlete for the twisting and flipping that gymnastics incorporates with and without hands.  Cartwheels, bridge kick overs, and round offs are emphasized at this level.   Casting and pull overs are developed on bars and drills used for circling skills.  Classes are 90 minutes once per week. 

Click "register" below to sign up for a class.  If you click "waitlist", you will be added to our waitlist and should not come to class until we call or email you to let you know there is a spot for your child.  The listed tuition fee is due monthly once you are registered.  If you sign up on the wait list you will not incur a fee until we have an opening for your child.

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